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Eliminate Stress & Pain - And Reach a New Level of Focus, Energy, & Physical Well-Being in Just 30 Days

- WITHOUT The Use Of Medication, Supplements Or ANY Expensive Therapy Sessions

Improve your immune system to eliminate stress & anxiety and have chronic pain go away…

Plus, add more energy, increased mental clarity and general calmness and happiness into your everyday life with Intermittent Cold Exposure Therapy

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I recommend this to anyone who wants to decrease their anxiety or stress levels, or reconnect with their power and their worth." - Minna, Entrepreneur

Stress & Inflammation - the biggest killers of the modern century

Stress & Systemic Inflammation (be it in the case of arthritis or just smaller inflammations of the body) have been called ‘meta’ diseases - conditions that make every other illness much more harmful and prevalent in our lives.

Due to our ‘unnatural’ lifestyles of high-pressure work situations, highly populated and polluted cities, and constant manipulation of our reward hormones because of modern comforts, stress and inflammation have become the most common chronic diseases in the Western world.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms in the past week or so?

  • You worry about the future or current events in your life

  • You have a general sense of unease that you might not even have an explanation for

  • You get easily agitated at home or at work

  • You feel a tightness in your chest or your heart pounds rapidly whenever you’re in a high-pressure environment

  • You find it hard to sleep at night

  • You find it hard to quiet the thoughts running through your head

  • You find it hard to keep your personal relationships healthy because of your stressed state

  • You find it hard to separate work and your time off

  • You just don’t know how to stop negative thoughts or handle the pressures set by your work environment or personal issues

  • You feel like you just want to have a rest, or a vacation, even if it hasn’t been that long since you started working!

Most people could relate to at least a few of these points.

But how can we fight it?

You might have heard of meditation, mindfulness techniques, medication, different kinds of bodily therapies, taking breaks, etc.

These are short-term fixes that rely on external solutions or willpower to fight back the symptoms of stress and chronic inflammation -

NOT cures for the underlying issue, which is an overactive ‘fight or flight’ system of the body.

In modern times our stress and pain responses are extra sensitive to even the smallest stimuli. Once you learn to control your autonomic nervous system your daily routines don’t trigger your ‘fight or flight’ response as strongly before. Your body will once again be able to ‘block out’ small stress and inflammation responses like it should, leaving you calm and focused to deal with the issues that are actually important to focus on.

My name is Magnus Appelberg.

And I'm here to teach you about Cold Exposure Therapy

I’m a Finnish health professional who has been doing and teaching ashtanga yoga for over 20 years. I’ve been highlighted in the Finnish TV & newspapers multiple times and have coached thousands of people over the years to have a healthier and better life. The theme of my life has always been to look for the next level of presence and authenticity.

Cold Exposure coach

5 years ago, I got introduced to a direct link between specific breathing exercises and the body’s autonomic states - and how you can alter the body’s homeostasis and states with just your breathing.

As I got deeper into these breathing exercises I once tried them while ice swimming (by accident, actually!).

I was surprised to find out that I didn’t get the usual ‘shock’ of cold water that usually follows. I spent a good while in the water and was very surprised how easy I felt the whole time through.

After the dip I felt an immediate feeling of calmness and vitality that brought upon a whole new level of presence and peace.

Here's what happened to me when I combined these specific breathing techniques with Cold Exposure (in just 30 days):

  • Every self-doubt and fear I experienced went away. I almost couldn’t believe how free I felt about myself and my future

  • Small things stopped bothering me in my everyday life and the any and all feelings of unease just outright disappeared

  • I gained almost a ‘superpower’ level of mental clarity during my workdays after the cold practice

  • Immense effects on the quality of my life and happiness, both personally and for the people around me because I was so positive

  • My immunity to illness, sleep quality, and recovery times improved to be better than ever, that's a lot for a guy at 60 years of age!

  • My energy levels went through the roof!

And these effects are not just limited to me.

I taught my method to a few interested people of my yoga practice, and they all had similar incredible benefits in their own lives!

Seeing how effective my method had been to my own life and the lives of the people I had shared it to, I had to share it to the world.

I’ve been teaching my method in private retreats & live events in Finland, but I have now decided to take people behind the scenes and reveal what I have been teaching to my students - so that you could do this in your own house, at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

I want everyone to get back in control of the part of your body that has been autonomous for most of your life… (It’s even named after that!) The part of your body’s natural defense mechanism that is used to fight outside illnesses and hormonal balances - BUT has not been harnessed to bring us health and happiness on our own terms.

The Cold Exposure Course is a 30-day online program that teaches you how to apply cold exposure to retrain your autonomic nervous system and condition yourself to deal with stress, anxiety, and inflammation to reach a completely new level of calmness and focus.

It is NOT just another online course that you login once and then forget about. It's also NOT a magic pill scheme that promises you to heal autoimmune diseases or cancer, etc. within just a few days or weeks.

There is no fluff or filler. We immediately get down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why with easily consumable video lessons and PDF summaries.

It is set up in an easy-to-follow 4 week program, with each week getting progressively more advanced so that you won’t fall off half-way.

With the Cold Exposure Course you'll learn:

  • Exactly how and why specific types of Cold Exposure benefit you and the methods to get the most benefits out of it

  • How to create exponentially more energy and vitality through the combination of specific breathing techniques and intermittent cold exposure

  • How to improve immune function and fight off illnesses (Did you know winter swimmers have up to 40% less respiratory illnesses than normal people?)

  • How to reduce and potentially eliminate chronic pain (One of my students claims having 'cured’ their arthritis through this)

  • How to eliminate stress and anxiety in your life and have the tools to deal with any stressful situation in a calm and focused way

  • How to improve your sleep and recover like a pro athlete with a simple 20-minute exercise

  • ​Feel an IMMENSE increase in your quality of life and happiness in just 30 days (and continue to get better over time)

  • Boost ‘feel-good’ hormones such as dopamine and norephedrine in your body up to 540% - each time you practice

  • How to increase your metabolism and brown fat tissue (the one that actually HELPS you lose the harmful, white fat)

  • How to boost your body’s own antioxidants that are way MORE powerful that the ones you get from food or supplements

  • How to balance your mind and body through your breathing and find greater harmony and peace in your everyday routines

  • The way to get accustomed to cold in a way that is PLEASANT and NOT UNCOMFORTABLE - you will learn to LOVE the cold (this works without any prior experience with yoga, breathing techniques, or even if you HATE the cold)

  • The cutting-edge breathing techniques that allow your body to adapt to cold for MUCH LONGER and EASIER than you imagined possible...

  • The breathing techniques that you can do IMMEDIATELY to relax your body and mind in stressful situations - even if you don’t have previous experience with breathing techniques

  • How to do Cold Exposure therapy AT HOME, in a controllable and comfortable way (you don’t need to have an ice hole near you)

  • How to do all of the above, NATURALLY, without any supplements, medication, or extra gear - all you need is some cold water or air and your breath!

Who is it for?

The Cold Exposure Course is for you if you:

  • Want to actually get rid of stress and anxiety in your life - not just manage it

  • Feel pressured in your work or personal life, fearful or unmotivated about your future or have panic attacks

  • Want to learn how to control your autonomic nervous system so that you can focus better and handle stressful situations with ease

  • Feel low-energy and are generally not excited about your everyday routines

  • Feel some symptoms of depression but don’t want to get on medication or expensive therapy

  • Want to reach a new level in your life and well-being but are not sure what is holding you back

  • Want to reach a more calm, clear-minded, and relaxed state more often

  • Want to improve your immune system and better fight off illnesses with just your body

  • Want to alleviate chronic pain and reduce inflammation, be it in the case of arthritis or other conditions that benefit from reducing systemic inflammation such as eczema, acne, depression, etc.

  • Already know about the benefits of Cold Exposure but just HATE the cold (this method will teach you to love it)

  • Want to master your own fear response and train your willpower and prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain involved in decision making and judgement

  • Would like to enjoy a more sustained calm, present, and happy mental state

  • Want to improve your sleep quality or fall asleep faster

  • Are an athlete or an amateur runner who would like to reduce muscle soreness up to 40% after exercise with cold exposure

  • Want to boost your metabolism, increase brown fat, and add cold exposure to your fat-loss program

  • Are just interested in breathwork and how you can apply it in your life to change your mood, energy levels and control your autonomic nervous system

What is included?

  • A step-by-step blueprint for conditioning your body to adapt to stress and reduce inflammation

  • A 4-week program to slowly get you accustomed to the cold and methodically adapt your body for more exposure (and more benefits)

  • Videos and text summaries for you to follow with live examples, easy to follow instructions, and specific pointers for each step of the program

  • An MP3 audio guide to help you with timing your breathing practice that you can take with you
Cold Exposure Icehole Swimming

Course Contents

The actual lessons inside the course

  • 1


    • Welcome to Cold Exposure with Magnus Appelberg!

    • Introduction Video

    • Why the cold is your best friend

    • Why the cold is your best friend: summary

    • Medical benefits of Cold Exposure

    • My story and why I teach the techniques I teach

    • My story and why I teach the techniques I teach: summary

    • How to breathe to counteract stress: this is your lever to handle the autonomic nervous system

    • Breath and stress: summary

    • Nerdy stuff and case examples

  • 2


    • Pre-cold: preparations

    • Audio companion for pre-cold

    • Pre-cold: summary

    • Cold exposure: demonstration

    • Post-cold

    • Post-cold audio companion

    • Post-cold: summary

  • 3

    Program: 30-Day Cold Exposure Challenge

    • Week 1

    • Week 1: summary

    • Week 2

    • Week 2: summary

    • Week 3

    • Week 3: summary

    • Week 4

    • Week 4: summary

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • What next

    • Q&A

"Okay, I'm interested."

How do I join and how much is it?

When doing my live workshops, I would charge 10 people 697 € (around $816) for a 2 day course where we would go through the whole process from start to finish with live examples and lessons both in a classroom and in a yoga studio. 


Don't worry, I am not going to charge even close to that.


But, I HAVE compiled all of my knowledge into this program, 

made it easily digestible with short video lessons and live examples, audio guides and PDFs, 

and have it all online so that you can go through the program at your own pace

- wherever you are in the world.


You get my full expertise of 20 years of breathwork and 5 years of doing and teaching cold exposure therapy in a digital format. I even go beyond what I used to teach in live workshops in terms of the theory and medical research on this topic...


Nothing held back and no upsells or weird continuity programs. No extra purchases for gear or supplements. This program is ALL that you need in order to take advantage of breathing and cold exposure therapy to boost your life to the next level.


I could sell this program for $297 and my students would think I am crazy for sharing the knowledge for so cheap. (Just the production costs are more than triple that)


But I wanted to make this accessible for absolutely everybody.


My wife called me crazy when she heard this…


But you get my full life’s work, packaged for you in a consumable format, for a limited time offer of


Only $39 dollars


That’s right, $39. The regular price for the course is $97 but since I am just only now launching this program for the first time, the launch sale is for getting more people in and give me feedback.


If you order today…


You’ll get all of the above, the video course, the PDF summaries, the MP3 audio guide, the step-by-step 4-week blueprint and exercises…


For just $39 dollars!


(That's over a 60% DISCOUNT!)


A one-time, secure payment and you get the full course, available to you online. You'll get access immediately.


If I keep this offer for too long I am going to lose a lot of money…


So join me today and let’s change your life, one cold shower at a time!

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

 - PS. I am so confident that this will change your life for the better that if you for some reason decide that you are not happy with the program in the next 30 days, something unexpected comes up etc, I’d be happy to send you a refund, no questions asked.


You can even keep the program.


Try it out and return it if you want to. I am very confident in the method and that it will change your life for the better.


I hope that I’ll see you inside.


This is a very limited time offer so do take advantage of it while you can.

This will work for you no matter whether you:

  • Have never done any yoga, breathing work or you HATE the cold with a passion

    The course will teach you everything you need to know from the ground up - you will have a 4-week program to follow, starting from the basics.

  • ​Already know and practice cold exposure and want to get to the next level, stay in longer and with less effort

    Get new information and techniques to stay in the cold for longer - and reap more benefits.

  • Already practice some other breathing system such as the Wim Hof Method, Butyeko or the Oxygen Advantage

    This method is perfectly compatible with other breathing techniques or practices and actually complements them perfectly.

  • ​Have chronic stress or pain, sleep problems or some type of chronic condition such as arthritis or eczema

    You might want to start slow but the course will most likely improve your symptoms if you follow it.

  • Have no issues with your health or mental state and just want to reach the next level of well-being, confidence, and happiness

    Get a new boost to your overall well-being and immunity, boost 'happy' hormones and feel the vitality of being 100% present in your body.

  • Don’t have snow or ice near where you live

    A cold shower will do!

  • Only have 15 minutes per day…

    The benefits start to come from just 5 minutes a day (and the breathing part takes just a bit longer - so 15 minutes is doable!)

Watch Intro Video

Aleksi Testimonial

"I would recommend this to anyone who has any problems with fear in their life or to people like me who have a "short fuse" so to speak."

Watch Intro Video

Minna Testimonial

"I recommend this to anyone who wants to decrease their anxiety or stress levels, or reconnect with their power and their worth."

Watch Intro Video

Sami Testimonial

"I recommend this to everyone but especially to those who suffer from chronic pain or pain in general, panic attacks etc."

To your highest potential,



Magnus Appelberg is a Finnish health professional who after graduating from the Technical University of Helsinki and studying dance at the Theater Academy went on a lifelong path of exploration towards Ashtanga yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy. Now, after 20 years of teaching yoga he explores the human capacity for adaptation to cold and how this transfers into a positive impact in our everyday life through breathwork and conscious manipulation of the autonomic nervous system.